Untangling Your Body From Old Patterns
Are you ready to feel solid and empowered  in a body you can trust without running into the same frustrating blocks? It's time to learn how to restore balance and power in your body without strain or taking loads of your time.
WHEN THINGS STICK... Untangling Your Body From Old Patterns
Are you ready to feel solid and empowered  in a body you can trust, without running into the same frustating blocks? It's time to learn how to restore balance and power in your body without strain or loads of time.

Hi! I'm Sue Choi

For over 22 years, I've helped people embody their calm, confidence, and emotional flexibility through posture and walking training. You can learn what I've been teaching to my private clients by reading my book When Things Stick: Untangling Your Body From Old Patterns. 

In this book, I'll teach you how to use your body to communicate with your deep brain so you can experience your balanced and powerful self without strain or loads of time.

Plus, I give you a way to integrate any changes into your daily life so you can stop feeling like changes are temporary, and finally move forward by leaps and bounds into a body you can trust. 

This book has changed thousands of lives. I hope it will change yours as well. 

- Sue Choi

Founder of CoherentBody.com

Discover why whole-body organization is an effective self-regulation tool.

Learn these simple techniques that naturally integrate into your daily life.

Empower yourself so you can return to your center easily and predictably when you need it most.

Discover The Mind-Body Approach You've Been Missing To Integrate Physical Ease & Emotional Flexibility
If you’re ready to try this system to move past the old patterns that make you feel out of alignment with how you want to show up, while feeling incredibly stable and free in your body...

You can learn the principles and skills that give you the confidence and trust in yourself to take a risk you wouldn't have thought you could handle before...

That might mean having that difficult conversation you've been avoiding...
Or standing up for yourself because now you are clear about what you want...

Or creatively solving a problem that you've been avoiding...

Or taking that step to finish what you started...

Or moving towards something you want instead of treading water, doing just what you need to...

...and learn how to eliminate the self-doubt or emotional conflict so you can find your calm, power, and inspiration to live out loud what's been muted or kept to the side...
This book, When Things Stick: Untangling Your Body From Old Patterns, can show you exactly how.
The advantages of using this method are outlined in the book, but at the very core of this method are these outcomes:

You become an expert at self-regulating when you need it most because you'll live in what I call your Sensing Posture...

You have a template for a resolution process to meet challenges because you'll be in partnership with your body, in the language it understands, to metabolize those things that show up ...

And you'll have a fresh perspective on how to move forward with clarity because you'll think with your whole body, especially if you do it the way I'm about to show you.

I believe this is the best way to develop your mind-body integrity because this system uses the sensory body plus your body's innate design to transform your daily body experience.
The book includes videos that illustrate the critical adjustments you can make to change how you feel in your body all day long. You'll discover:

• How energy conservation bias is keeping you stuck

• Why your current strategies aren't working

• The strategy and tools you can use every day to organize your body to generate messages of support, power, and ease
This new approach works quickly because it's based on what the body recognizes as its own innate design: the skills of standing and walking. 

Standing and walking are complex organizational challenges that the human body has evolved to perform well. Our deep brain excels here. Right now, you are not accessing that evolved intelligence with intention.

I'll show you how to harness this intelligence through an integrated set of 6 lessons, with 2 bonus lessons as a gift. 

If you’re ready to feel at peace in your mind and with your body, click below to order your book now.

Excerpt From "When Things Stick"

"What’s your body saying to you? The entire organization of the body broadcasts messages internally that you can’t ignore, whether you’re conscious of them or not. 

Once you understand the signals, you’ll discover your body is as powerful as your brain when it comes to solving problems so you can 

* feel more physical comfort
* find more emotional calm and 
* get more clarity for action.

You can unstick your body through your sensory system to resolve your persistent limitations.

In this book you’ll learn how you can make sense of body messages so you can feel whole and empowered, connected within yourself so you can connect with others and move forward in your life with clear intention. This approach uses a deep dive into you posture and walking in order to make that happen. 

Self-control vs self-regulation

When you learn how to find your sensing posture, you learn to distinguish between self-control and self-regulation. Self-control is suppression to stop or prevent the body from doing what it’s doing. It’s a hierarchical approach that says top controls bottom.

Self-regulation is giving the body what it needs so it can do things better. It’s a relational approach that says bottom informs top, and the conversation goes both ways. You learn self-regulation by understanding and responding to the body’s needs. And you communicate with your own body through your sensing posture. 

Before you read any further, let’s try an example of how this might work in your body

Stand with your feet 2-3 inches apart. Now, do the following move internally and imagine you are doing it so no one can notice it. Position your pelvis as if you are about to take a seat, and send your shins forward at the same time. Remember, it’s an internal shift, imperceptible to observers. Take at least 30 seconds to notice what happens. Take longer if you wish.

What changed for you? How did you feel in the whole of your body?  

Now position your head to listen to the sounds around you, and keep doing what you did above. Imagine you are waiting in line somewhere. Imagine people around you are impatient and stressed about waiting in line. 

How do you feel? What changed now?

If you feel more grounded and settled, more spacious and open in the chest, or more relaxed in your shoulders, that’s a good sign. (If not, try it with your eyes closed). It’s such a minor change to stand with these instructions, yet the change in your whole body experience can be significant."
What Others Have To Say About
"When Things Stick"

"I have done so much reading about trauma and its consequences and have known intellectually the distorted beliefs I carry, but it was doing the work in the book that has finally allowed this information to “land”, so to speak, so that it now feels a part of me, not something outside myself. It's almost hard to believe that I've made this much progress in such a short time." 

-T.W., Canada

"More than with any other practices, I feel like this work allows the body to find this trust not only structurally but from a nervous system level as well. It was amazing how grounded and more efficient my walking was for days . My body is craving to feel those new patterns. You're brilliant and I am so grateful for this work!"

-A.P., USA

"It was like a small miracle took place. I realised that for as long as I can remember I have never experienced proper breathing and have consequently been in a constant state of tension and panic. AND I’m making better eating choices (WEIRD). I have a new sense of responsibility to my body and am making slower, more deliberate choices. I want my body to be well and nourished."

-G.S., Australia

"I've done Pilates, Alexander technique, rolfing, myofascial release, yoga, foam rolling, meditation, Controlled Articular Rotations, and lots of stretching to help bring balance to my mind and body. However, your book and videos helped things come together in a way I haven't found with any other approach and in a way I can access during my daily activities, not just for the period of a class."

-C.H., USA

"The word that keeps coming is empowering, because it's giving me knowledge of simple steps to literally feel the power of my own body, which then feeds upon itself. I feel more confident, almost immediately confident. It's not even like walking meditation, but walking meditation is actually heady. This is not heady. This is really down in the body."

-A.P., USA

"I have lived most of my life not putting weight on my heels...tiptoeing around people I suppose...and since watching your lessons I walk differently and can feel the front of my body opening. Such a wonderful gift for people who have experienced trauma to feel strong and open."

-C.C., UK

Order Your Digital Copy Of "When Things Stick" Now And Get These 3 Bonuses

Bonus #1:

6 Videos of The Fundamental Steps to Recover Your Body + 1 Standing Meditation Video 

Inside When Things Stick: Untangling Your Body from Old Patterns, you’ll discover how to use your sensory system for whole-body changes through 6 Fundamental concepts plus a bonus video: a live Standing Meditation class recording. 

Bonus #2:

Conversations With Your Body: A Workbook on How to Self-Learn

The feedback loop that is key to making progress.
Learning to move your body in order to feel for something (instead of in order to do something) can be an unusual experience. 

In this guide, I'll indicate what to look for, what to avoid, and how to build the conversation you'll have with your body so you can gain the insights that break old patterns.

Bonus #3:

Struggling to Find Your Center? Includes an instructional video.

Three self-tests plus a solution.
This booklet will take you through three self-tests to help you identify where you can improve your body organization to find your center. 

The self-tests give you insights on where your body struggles. Plus, you'll get an instructional video which gives you a simple solution you can use every day. 

Order Your Digital Copy Of 
"When Things Stick" Now 
Get Your 3 Bonuses!

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